LeJeune Puetz Investment Counsel provides investment advisory services to individuals, foundations, and corporations. We create customized portfolios for high net worth clients based on each investor's individual needs. Unlike many brokerage firms, we do not categorize our clients into investment styles like growth, value, or income. Portfolios are structured to meet each client's standards for income, safety, and liquidity. We are able to maintain long-term relationships with clients as a result of incorporating each investor's unique circumstances into an investment plan.

We value and protect the trust our clients place in us. Throughout our entire relationship, not just during the formulation stages, client communication is our highest priority. Together with our client, we identify investment goals, time horizon, tolerance for market fluctuations and tax situation. Then we determine the appropriate securities, which can include equities (stocks), fixed income (bonds), no-load mutual funds, money markets and alternative investments.

LeJeune Puetz Investment Counsel is proud to be known for its exacting standards within the industry. We utilize a variety of investment banks and/or broker/dealers, many of whom we have known and worked with for many years. Because we do not receive any commissions or recommendations, we can selectively execute transactions to benefit our clients while minimizing transaction costs.

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